GEPE Slide mounts & Memory Card Holders

GEPE Slide mounts & memory Card Holders

GEPE Slide mounts are still available from G & L Agencies, we stock the GEPE Anti newton glass mounts,available in boxes of 20. The glass-less mounts are also available and comes in boxes of 100, we also have the GEPE universal slide trays for 100 glass or glassless slides.

GEPE is also known for making memory card storage solutions. G & L Agencies have in stock the GEPE Card safe extreme in 2 colours - Onyx & Neon, plus there is the smaller version "Slim" card safe. 

  • GEPE Memory Card Safe Extreme

    GEPE Memory Card Safe Extreme

    • 4 Multi Card Compartments
    • Anti Static Inner Material
    • Shock Resistant
    • Crushproof
    • Dustproof
    • Watertight + Floats
    • Strap Connector
    • Viewing Windows
    • Ergonomic Lock
    • Reinforced Hinge
    • Stainless Steel Pin
    not rated
  • GEPE Slide Mounts Glass

    GEPE Slide Mounts Glass (20)

    • The Slide is protected against pollution, dust, fingerprints and scratches
    • The air exchange system enables the slide to «breathe» which helps to eliminate bacterium and Newton rings
    • The Anti-Newton (AN) glass prevents Newton rings
    • The slide is safely held in place by the clips of the metal-mask (only clips type)
    not rated
  • GEPE Slide Mounts Glassless

    GEPE Slide Mounts Glassless (100)

    • 24 x 36 mm Glassless Slide Mounts
    • The fix-points allow for easy insertion and positioning of the slide and prevents slipping of the film when closing the mount.
    • In glassless mounts with metal-mask – The metal-mask clip fixing allows a fast and convenient mounting with a following positioning of the film
    • During the projection the unique metal-mask reduces the curving of the film caused by heat influence and at the same time provides absolutely sharp projection edges
    not rated
  • GEPE Universal Slide Tray

    GEPE Universal Slide Tray (2×50)

    The GEPE Universal Slide Tray Dual 50 is a stackable storage box with 2 universal 35mm 50-slide magazines contained in a pull-out drawer. Magazines are high quality and resistant to twisting.

    For 5x5cm slide mounts

    not rated R0.00