Green Clean Cleaning Products

The green Clean range - AIR DUSTER and DUSTING TOOLS have been very successfully supplemented with a range of products for computer cleaning. GREEN CLEAN for CLEAN SCREEN offers specialised products for computers, service, technical and optical maintenance. This range of products offers an ideal supplement to our camera cleaning range and enables our distributors to increase the worldwide presence of GREEN CLEAN on the market.

  • Green Clean Clip & Flip

    Green Clean Clip & Flip Magnifying Glasses

    • Perfect for cleaning of DSLR Sensors or Digital Back Sensors
    • Model Building, and All Hobbies
    • Attach to the brim of most caps and hats
    • Crystal-clear acrylic lenses give you a sharp, distortion free view to see the finest details with ease
    • Clip GREEN-CLEAN’s CLIP & FLIP onto the brim of your hat
    • Flip-down lenses for magnified image
    • Flip-up for normal viewing
    • For best results, position lenses close to your eyes
    • For eyeglass wearers, position lenses in front of your eyeglasses
    • Magnification: 1.75x (+3.00 diopters)
    not rated
  • Green Clean LCD Cleaning Kit

    Green Clean LCD Cleaning Kit

    • Streak-free surfaces of all types of monitors
    • Cleans LCD – displays and plasma screens
    • Guaranteed gentle removal of dust and dirt from all surfaces
    • Safe and easy, creates a long lasting anti static effect
    • Can also be used to clean laptop, handhelds, housing, glass,plastics and other reflecting surfaces
    not rated
  • Green Clean Top Ventil V2000

    Green Clean Top Ventil V2000

    • Exact pressure control for economical and pinpoint accuracy
    • 360″ revolving nozzle for exact, one-handed usage
    • Turbo nozzle increases pressure and at the same time acts as protection against damage to sensitive components
    • TOP VENTIL can be removed from the can at all times without loss of gas
    • extremely robust; designed for repeated use
    • Saves unnecessary one-way components
    • can be supplemented with other accessories
    not rated