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  • Celestron 400x Biological Microscope

    Celestron 400x Biological Microscope 44102

    • This item is no longer available
    • Feature-packed entry-level biological microscope at an economical price
    • 10x eyepiece and 4x, 10x, and 40x objective lenses combine to provide powers of 40x, 100x, and 400x
    • Fully coated glass optics
    • All-metal body with monocular head
    • 50 mm (2″) mirror provides illumination to make details of specimen slides easier to see
    • Basic condenser concentrates light onto the specimen
    • 5-position disc diaphragm
    • Coarse and fine focus knobs
    • Five prepared slides included
    • Adjustable arm (0° to 60°) for comfortable viewing
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  • Celestron Labs CB2000CF

    Celestron Labs CB2000CF Compound Microscope

    • Lab-ready compound binocular microscope with 2000x power
    • 10x and 20x eyepieces (10x with pointer)
    • 4 fully achromatic objective lenses- 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x
    • View specimens at 40x, 80x 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x and 2000x magnification
    • Adjustable Binocular head
    • All-metal construction with fully mechanical stage
    • Coarse and fine focus knobs
    • Built-in, adjustable halogen lower illumination with Abbe condenser and iris diaphragm



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  • Celestron Microscope Labs CM800

    Celestron Microscope Labs CM800

    •Lab-ready compound microscope with 800x power
    •10x and 20x eyepieces with 4x, 10x and 40x objective lenses
    •View specimens at 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x, 800x magnification
    •Built-in, adjustable, upper and lower LED illumination
    •3 AA batteries included for field use
    •10 prepared slides included


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