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  • GP Powerbank PB19

    GP Powerbank PB19 Universal Charger

    • Universal because all battery sizes can be charged (AA/AAA/C/D/9V)
    • Safe charging
    • Two charging channels, can charge 2 or 4 pcs NiMH AA, AAA, C or D
    • Additional charging slots for 1 or 2 pcs NiMH 9V batteries
    not rated
  • GP Powerbank B421

    GP ReCyko Everyday Charger (USB) B421 4-slot

    GP B421 ReCyko 4-slot NiMH USB Charger
    Charges 2 or 4 AA/ AAA batteries
    Charges 4 2100mAh AA in 6 hour
    Includes 4 X 2100 mAh Recyko batteries
    2 LED indicators (2 channel charging)

    not rated
  • GP USB U811 8 Cell Charger

    GP USB U811 8 Cell Charger

    Charge up to 8 AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries at a time
    4 channels charging
    Charging time* = 6 hours** /12 hours***
    Includes 4 X Recyko 2100mAh AA & 4 X Recyko 850mAh AAA

    not rated