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  • Slik Creators Clamp

    Slik Creator’s Clamp

    SLIK Creator’s Clamp is a versatile pole & clamp kit that allows a camera to be fixed to the location where a tripod can’t be placed, such as on desks, pipes, & etc.

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  • Slik I-Bracket

    Slik I-Bracket

    The SLIK I-Bracket is a universal Arca compatible bracket that is attached under the camera.

    It is unique I-shaped plate, but it can be installed to the tripod head that conforms to the same standard in both the horizontal and vertical position.

    The position of the camera screw can be moved, and adjusted the plate to attach the fringe to the camera body, so it fits firmly with the camera.

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  • SLIK Sliding Arm II

    SLIK Sliding Arm II

    SLIK Sliding Arm II is a horizontal column which can be mounted onto almost any tripod. It allows user to access to multiple unique angle and vantage points not possible with a traditional tripod set up.

    Attaching a head on the tip of the column allows you to bring camera close to object, and shoot straight downwards giving a “bird’s eye” view.

    Rosset clamp will securely hold the sliding arm at any angle position.

    This is quite popular accessory for cooking video.

    The arm can be moved back and forth, up and down

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