Steadicam Accessories


  • Stroboframe Camera Flip Flash Bracket

    Stroboframe Camera Flip Flash Bracket

    • Compact size is perfect for travel and convenient for storage in camera bags
    • Best for cameras without large add-on accessory motor drives
    • Comes complete with a machined, shoe-type flash mount
    • Supplied with machined, positive-locking shoe-mount
    not rated
  • Stroboframe PRO-RL Flash Bracket

    Stroboframe PRO-RL Flash Bracket

    • Rotate your camera instantly and effortlessly from vertical to horizontal while the flash remains centered over the lens
    • Exclusive, one-hand TiltTrigger™ lets you set the flash angle to any of 12 click-stop positions
    • One-handed flash height adjustment. You can position the flash 11 to 18″ above the lens, simply by twisting a knob and lifting the flash arm
    • Unique “kickstand” pivots out to safely support and stabilize the bracket when is set on a table or floor
    • Compatible with cameras using accessory battery packs or motor drives
    • Integral Quick-Release Plate mates with optional QR Receiver, allowing the bracket and tripod to be attached or detached instantly
    • Accepts all Stroboframe flash mounts, Camera Anti-Twist Plates and quick release accessories
    not rated
  • Stroboframe PRO-T Flash Bracket

    Stroboframe PRO-T Flash Bracket

    • Anti-Twist Camera Plates Not Required
    • Adjustable Flash Height Knob
    • 10.75″ (27.3cm) Maximum Height
    • Integral QR style camera mount is compatible with Stroboframe 300-BASE (receiver).
    • Pivoting flash arm centers flash over the lens for both landscape and portrait orientations.
    • Built-in convenient fold away kickstand keeps the bracket upright when you place it on a flat surface.
    • Solid machined T6061 aluminum construction provides rigidity and stability
    not rated
  • Stroboframe Quick Flip

    Stroboframe Quick Flip Flash Bracket

    • Pivoting flash arm that keeps the flash over the lens in both horizontal and vertical positions
    • Comfortable foam grip and a tripod mountable base
    • Allows the user to shoot and advance film as if no bracket were attached
    not rated

Stroboframe Accessories

  • Stroboframe Auto Quick Release Plate

    Stroboframe Auto Quick Release Plate

    • Replacement base for Camera Quick Release QRC

    The Stroboframe Auto Quick Release Plate system is fully compatible with all 35mm and medium format cameras. You can use any of the Camera Anti-Twist Plates listed here as accessories to prohibit twisting of the camera upon the quick release plate, which is especially prone to happening when heavier camera/lens combinations are positioned vertically.

    not rated
  • Stroboframe locking Accessory Shoe

    Stroboframe locking Accessory Shoe

    Stroboframe Shoe – Like the bracket Shoe Mount (300-SHO), but without a bracket-locating pin. The Stroboframe locking Accessory Shoe is for general purpose photo applications. It mounts to light stands or flat surfaces, can be used to upgrade non-Stroboframe flash brackets or mounted on the flash arm of many Stroboframe brackets to provide a convenient way of attaching shoe-mount accessories such as remote flash triggers.

    not rated
  • Stroboframe Shoe Type Flash Mount

    Stroboframe Shoe Type Flash Mount (Cold Shoe)

    The Stroboframe Shoe Type Flash Mount features a clamping-style lock, this mount securely holds the heaviest shoe units. It will not loosen up while a locating pin ensures that it won’t twist on the bracket. The Bracket Shoe Mount attaches with the bracket’s mounting knob. Machined, solid aluminum construction.

    not rated