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  • Limelite Mosaic 2 Panel LED

    Limelite Mosaic 2 Panel LED

    • Compact, lightweight, 30x30cm daylight LED panel
    • Rugged metal construction designed to withstand professional handling
    • Ultra-bright, high fidelity 576 LED configuration provides up to 4000 Lux at 1m
    • Ultra-high colour rendition – CRI/TLCI 94 at all settings
    • Bright LED control display provides clear indication of light output and DMX settings
    • Option to display output in numeric increments of f-stop (Daylight model only) and colour temperature in degrees Kelvin (Bicolour model only)
    • RJ45 DMX in and out on-board as standard
    • Multi-voltage AC mains adaptor and international power cable set as standard
    • Optional V-mount and Anton Bauer battery adaptors available
    • Mounts to any 5/8″ support devices including stands, booms and HiGlide fittings
    • 2 and 4-panel mounting kits available for building larger banks of light
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  • Limelite V-Mount Adapter Plate

    Limelite V-Mount Adapter Plate

    The Limelite V-Mount Adapter Plate for Mosaic LED Fixture powers Mosaic units from a V-Mount battery. It simply attaches to the rear of any Mosaic LED panel. The plate will support batteries weighing up to 3.3 lb. For Mounting 14.4V … Read More
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