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  • GEPE Slide Mounts Glass

    GEPE Slide Mounts Glass (20)

    • The Slide is protected against pollution, dust, fingerprints and scratches
    • The air exchange system enables the slide to Ā«breatheĀ» which helps to eliminate bacterium and Newton rings
    • The Anti-Newton (AN) glass prevents Newton rings
    • The slide is safely held in place by the clips of the metal-mask (only clips type)
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  • GEPE Slide Mounts Glassless

    GEPE Slide Mounts Glassless (100)

    • 24 x 36 mm Glassless Slide Mounts
    • The fix-points allow for easy insertion and positioning of the slide and prevents slipping of the film when closing the mount.
    • In glassless mounts with metal-mask – The metal-mask clip fixing allows a fast and convenient mounting with a following positioning of the film
    • During the projection the unique metal-mask reduces the curving of the film caused by heat influence and at the same time provides absolutely sharp projection edges
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