Expodisc White Balance Aid Portrait


  • Quickly Set Your Camera White Balance
  • Works for Still and Video
  • Optimized for Portraiture
  • Warms Image (Equiv. 81A Warming Filter)
  • Use in Ambient, Studio or Mixed Light
  • Easy to Use, Durable, Compact
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The Expodisc White Balance Aid Portrait is optimized for Portrait photography. Each filter is individually assembled and calibrated to consistently produce custom color at capture, resulting in warmer and more pleasing skin tones. The ExpoDisc can be used on-the-fly to set a white balance in-camera when shooting JPEG, or it can be used to capture a gray frame to use later in post production when shooting RAW.

Using an ExpoDisc Portrait to set a custom white balance will eliminate many of the yellow, red and blue color casts commonly seen when using Auto White Balance in digital photography. The ExpoDisc is easy to use. Setting a white balance with the ExpoDisc is fast, and eliminates many of the inconsistencies and inconveniences associated with using white balance cards and targets, including unwieldy size, unwanted reflectivity, improper angling, and shadows.

To set a white balance with an Expodisc White Balance Aid Portrait, simply take a photograph of the light source (incident light) through the ExpoDisc, then follow your camera’s instructions to set the camera’s custom white balance. Because the ExpoDisc is calibrated for an 18% light transmission, you can also use it as a reference tool for manually determining proper exposure. The ExpoDisc is available in a variety of sizes to fit most popular lenses. The ExpoDisc does not thread into the lens; instead, its quick mount design can be pushed-on and popped-off to facilitate a quick white balance.

  • Warm-toned, optimized for portraiture – calibrated to produce custom color for warmer skin tones
  • Calibrated 18% light transmission for exposure reference
  • Lightweight and durable with an aluminum filter mount
  • Color corrects RAW or JPEG files
  • Helps eliminate undesirable color casts
  • Compact, stores easily
  • Easy to use, durable, compact

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